Investment Criteria

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Rudolph Companies does not chase deals. We are disciplined in our underwriting and acquisition criteria when entering into new transactions.


  • Value-Add
  • Core Plus

Asset Classes

  • Self Storage
  • Medical Office Buildings

Return Objectives


Target IRR (5 Year hold period)


Cash on Cash (10 Year Avg.)


Equity Multiple (5 Year hold period)

Markets & Geography

We are constantly seeking to expand our geographic presence throughout the Southeast as well as grow and increase our share in markets we already operate in.

Active Markets

  • Alabama
  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee

In markets we currently own and operate, we look to expand our footprint by achieving economies of scale. As we acquire new properties in a geographic area, we are able to condense expenses on a per-property basis. Some of these expenses include local manager, marketing and other service contractor related expenses (landscaping, maintenance, etc.) through portfolio discounts and other contracts.

Process & Execution

RuCo collaborates with brokers and individuals nationwide to procure assets. Rather than pursuing deals actively, our approach is to acquire off-market properties or secure a first look at opportunities prior to their market debut. Our incentive program offers a referral fee, which can amount to up to 1% of the acquisition price. This referral fee is applicable to both individuals and brokers. Brokers, in particular, will find this fee to be an additional benefit on top of their existing brokerage agreement.